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I'm currently working in Paimio, near the City of Turku, Finland, as an artist and a freelance graphic designer.

Currently open for commissions. Please feel free to contact me

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Mixed media
Size variable.

A spot in the woods was chosen, an a plant was dug up from the ground with soil and brought to the gallery. The plant was sealed inside a wooden house with a plantlight inside to give the plant strenght to grow. The growing process was filmed and projected to the gallerywall. After the wxhibition was over, the soil, plant and the house were sent backt to the original spot and left there. The plant will eventually grow through the house due to some holes made to the house. The decomposing of the wooden house and the growth of the plant is documented with photographs.

Happy that you are here. This is my brand new online portfolio.

I'm a 30 year old sculptor/graphic designer. Here you can view some of my works from recent

times. Wheter you are looking for an interesting artist for an exhibition or a good graphic designer for your needs on brand and identity systems design, book or editorial design or illustration, I would be

more than happy to work with or for you on both of my branches.

So take a look around, sip a cup of coffee or tea and call me.
Sincerily yours,  Atte

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